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Which is the Best Syllabus for the Holistic Progress of your Child?

A school is a place where personalities are crafted. No wonder, parents consider which type of board the school is offering while deciding about the education of their children. There are schools that offer two types of curriculum – Central Board for Secondary Education and Cambridge curriculum. Though most boards offer a holistic learning experience to the students, there are some features associated with each of these boards, which you should be aware of.

Let’s explore which syllabus is often followed by top schools in Ghaziabad.

1. CBSE versus Cambridge

CBSE is an extremely popular curriculum followed at national level and is broadly followed within the entire country. CBSE remains as the most preferred choice for a majority of students. What makes it a popular choice is its focus on holistic development, stress-free learning and skill-based education.

On the other hand, Cambridge curriculum or Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) as it is popularly known as, is a part of the world-famous University of Cambridge, UK and is accepted by schools all over the world.

It is believed that CAIE seamlessly syndicates the top- notch pedagogy with superior quality support for students and teachers. The curriculum is especially meant for helping students develop confidence using innovative and engaged ways of teaching.

2. What is the difference between both boards?

The key difference between both boards is the end goal. CBSE board has been set up to offer a robust and holistic form of education to all those, who want to grow within and outside the country. The board also offers a strong foundation for them to appear from reputed, competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE, UPSC, NEET, CLAT. Cambridge curriculum- an international curriculum, on the other hand, is primarily about academic excellence. This curriculum is ideal for people, who wish to move out of the country for future studies/job prospects.

The difference in the 2 boards pertaining to the teaching methodology followed in either of them have though faded, due to the new National Education Policy 2020. To know more, you may want to refer to the link-

The board chosen by parents can make a huge impact on the growth aspects for the children. It is important that the school that you choose allows you to shape up the dreams of your children by offering the right type of curriculum and teaching approach with the help of skilled and efficient teachers.

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