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Preparatory School

The preparatory years play a pivotal role in a childs formative journey, deeply influencing their cognitive and emotional growth. Ensuring the right learning environment during this stage can forge a lifelong, positive bond with learning. At this juncture, our aim at KWS is to guide students towards becoming independent, self-directed learners. Building on their existing skills and dispositions, we employ pedagogical strategies such as the Balanced Literacy approach for literacy, the CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) method for numeracy, and an amalgamation of inquiry-based and project-based learning for Sciences and Social Sciences.

Parallel to academic pursuits, we emphasize physical-motor training, social-emotional development, and the honing of 21st-century life skills like creativity and critical thinking, all via engaging multisensory programs. At KWS, the Preparatory stage is thoroughly experiential. We prioritize Real-World Connections, tethering classroom instruction to practical, real-life scenarios. This not only showcases the relevance of their studies but also roots their understanding in practical contexts. Our curated daily schedule ensures a holistic and well-rounded educational experience, priming students for both ongoing academic success and profound personal growth.