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Message From The Chairman

Mostly, getting educated is looked upon as a key to getting settled in life and to land a good job. Yes, the purpose of education is to have a successful career, but it is not the only purpose. Education is about becoming a more wholesome person. It’s about being empathetic, being kind, being a good human being and contributing to society. Most importantly being educated means being emotionally resilient. The difference between success and failure is a simple thought and not how much a person knows. Being successful is dependent upon how a person looks at failure – do they look at it as a step towards success or they shut down and give up.

The Khaitan family has been shouldering education with pride for the last 50 years and have more than 22000 children under its schools all over India. When we dreamt of Khaitan World School, we wanted to build a school which gave an internationally minded curriculum to Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad is going to be one of the most productive cities in India and it was time that it saw a school like none other.

Every part of KWS, whether it’s the infrastructure, the teachers or the curriculum have been carefully given a deep thought to cater to the child himself and how it will help him or her become a better human being. I am a big believer in the “magic” of technology and how today we are just at the start of the fourth industrial technological revolution. Technology will change the way we think, operate, and conduct ourselves in the world. One of the key elements of our curriculum will be to solve world problems by using technology. This will be one-of-a-kind curriculums not only in Ghaziabad but all over the country.

KWS will be known to bring up children who will be able to do any work irrespective of the industry and what they have learnt as a subject in school. They are going to be creative and collaborative thinkers who can work with anyone and everyone. Most importantly they will be good citizens, who are kind, empathetic and emotionally resilient with traditional Indian values embedded in them.

For too long we have put children into buckets of science, commerce, and humanities where actually all these streams are needed to become a wholesome being. This is what Khaitan World School will be a place where you not only become an educated individual but evolve into a whole being.