Our Commitment

We are committed to offering a broad and balanced, outcome-driven curriculum that promotes mastery of learning. Alongside literacy and numeracy, skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication, problem-solving, social skills, and life skills will be given equal importance.

Communication Literacy and Numeracy

Children who are proficient in communicating their thoughts and ideas both orally and in writing have an unprecedented advantage over others. At Khaitan World School, we aim to offer a bespoke Literacy programme that will provide our learners with an edge and set them up for success at an early age.

Social Emotional Learning

Through a dedicated SEE (Social, Emotional and Ethical) Learning curriculum designed by Emory University, KWS learners will become self-aware of their passion, emotions, strengths, weaknesses and develop the necessary skills to manage and regulate them for a positive mindset and be successful in school, work, and life in general.


The IT lab will be equipped with 3D printers, animation studios, robotics and a gaming zone inspiring the learners to create, innovate and experience authentic learning. Here, they will learn how to Design Multi-Functional Rooms in 3-D, use animation to build characters using software like PIXAR, use Artificial Intelligence to build search engines and many other exciting tech projects.


Our Physical Education and Sports program will provide wholesome development and learning opportunities to help build the foundations for healthy and active lifestyles at an early age. We are dedicated to offering a broad range of sporting facilities like Cricket, Tennis, Shooting, Skating, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Swimming, Table Tennis and Yoga. Children will not only get a chance to excel in various sports fields, but all students will also experience and explore developmentally age-appropriate activities that will enable them to stay physically fit, mentally healthy, and emotionally strong. They will learn to appreciate the importance of fitness and develop the knowledge, confidence, motivation, and social skills that lead to a rich, active life.

Creative Arts

The spaces have been designed to stimulate and nurture creative and artistic expressions. By helping them access their inborn creativity and expression, we believe children will become naturally motivated to learn and be more fully engaged in life.

Indian Value Education

We want our children to be able to appreciate our Indian cultural values and belief and understand it's significance in the modern world. At the same time, we want them to understand the world around them and develop a global perspective. The KWS curriculum will have a very delicate balance to ensure children are going to be taught not only the modern way of education but also taught our traditional Indian Values like in the gurukul system.

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