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Our Spaces

School Building

The Khaitan World School aims to enhance the traditional “chalk and talk” method of teaching by integrating it with the new age hands on learning and thus creating a smart learning environment. This unique idea has been translated into the architectural language of the facade. The facade symbolises the connection between old and new age learning. The introduction of second skin represents the traditional element that makes its presence felt when accompanied by the contemporary and modern-day elements.

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Learning Studios

We see physical space as the third teacher. Our learning spaces have been carefully designed to suit our philosophy of academic mastery and nurture 21st century life skills…

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Corridors and Central Atrium

Our corridors and central atrium are wide and spacious, armed with meaningful learning resources to promote love for learning…

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Creative Arts Studio

Our Creative Art Studio is an aesthetically designed space to nurture the creative thinking of our learners. It is fully equipped with a variety of materials for learners to explore art using different mediums…

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Multi-purpose Hall

We believe staying active throughout the day stimulates the creative parts of the brain. The MPH is a collaborative open space designed for dynamic learning. It will give students the much-needed space to remain active through various activities and programs in informal and structured settings.

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Music Studio

Our Music Studio is a large space that includes a learning space and a performance area. It is well equipped with an interactive whiteboard, sound system to provide a stimulating musical environment. Our learners have access to a variety of musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, tabla and much more…

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Dance Studio

Our Dance Studio is designed keeping in mind the different dance techniques, expressions and performance. It is a spacious well lit room equipped with features like mirror wall, a mini….

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School Infirmary

The school has a fully equipped 2- bed infirmary with an experienced day nurse. In addition, the school has a medical tie-up with near by hospital to handle any medical emergency.

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