Middle School

Middle school at KWS is envisioned to meet the diverse intellectual, social, physical and emotional needs of young adolescents. Academic programs include Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Literacy English, Literacy Hindi, French, Physical education, Visual and Performing Art.

our young adolescents are nurtured

At KWS our young adolescents are nurtured in a caring environment where teachers, mentors, and other adults work with them to help fulfil their potential. This means supporting students both inside and outside the classroom by helping them develop their sense of self-discipline and confidence. By taking responsibility for their schoolwork and working with adult leaders, students can learn how to become more independent and self- reliant with their education and everyday life. By doing this, they learn in dynamic ways and develop important life skills.

Projects will also help build habits of mind and work and personal qualities such as perseverance, growth mindset, or compassion, based on what teachers, schools, parents and communities value.

Numerous course options also help develop their sense of innovation, including Science, Robotics, and Visual & Performing Arts. Our Maker’s space Lab also gives our learners a space to work on projects with their hands. Students are encouraged to learn in ways that allow them to work better in collaboration with their peers, develop critical thinking skills, and approach their learning in more creative ways.

Core Competencies

Apart from learning in a supportive environment that nurtures their sense of self- sufficiency and responsibility, our young adolescents also learn in ways that challenge them and help cultivate a greater sense of creativity. Project based learning (PBL) is the high point of the curriculum in the middle years which lends an opportunity to learn through multidisciplinary approach and making a real-world connection.