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Let’s explore how teachers working with the best CBSE schools in Ghaziabad are using social media for learning:

Benefits of social media

Every social media platform offers a unique advantage for schools and students. For example, schools can share important announcements, hold live lectures online, and respond to the questions of students or parents. With online education becoming the need of the hour, it is important for schools to know all positive aspects of social media. This is because the knowledge will help them analyze and use it for the benefit of schools and children.

Let’s first explore how social media can be used directly in the classroom for everyone’s benefit.

  1. Facebook Page for broadcasting updates and alerts
    Schools can use their Facebook page to broadcast important updates. They can create specific pages for each class, which can be used by the instructor for posting important updates related to the class, sharing homework or assignments and promoting discussions among teachers and students.
  2. Facebook Group to stream live lectures 
    The instructors can create Facebook Groups for classes – public or private. The group page can be used for streaming Live lectures, discussion questions, homework and class announcements. This will help teachers to set up professional boundaries and all they need to do is to share a direct link for getting access to the Facebook group page.
  3. Twitter for class message board
    Just like Facebook, Twitter is also an engaging discussion board for senior classes. It is possible for teachers to create a single Twitter handle per class and then reuse it every year if they want to. As Twitter has a character limit of 280, it would force students to think of ways to communicate concisely. This is another key skill students must master. Teachers can use Twitter to remind students for assignments, due dates for their submissions or even share motivating quotes or study resources.
  4. Instagram 
    Instagram is perhaps one of the most favourite social media platforms used by students. This platform can be used for posting content/essay/paragraph in a visually gripping style. Instagram is a great platform for showcasing digital storytelling skills – an opportunity offered by no other platform. It is possible to create class-specific Instagram accounts and make the best use of them throughout the session.
  5. Creating a blog for class discussions
    A blog is another powerful platform for students that gives them an engaging opportunity to showcase their digital content. It is possible to use any of the platforms for blogging such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Blogger, or Medium. Teachers can form a class blog and students can post discussion points or add comments. Teachers can also share course syllabus, assignments, updates or resources on a blog.
  6. Create Pinterest board for your class
    Teachers can create Pinterest board for each class and save pins related to a topic or lesson. Pinterest allows teachers to not just prepare resources, but organize lesson plans and share worksheets in one place. The teachers can create a board as per their class or subject and post papers or group assignments there. Even students can pin important websites, books or videos to their classroom board.
  7. Share social media links on school website
    A school can make the best use of social media by putting all-important links on its website. Also, the school website remains one of the best platforms to highlight the achievements of students, teachers, and also for attracting new students to the school. Therefore, schools must showcase all photos and videos of all important activities hosted by the school on their website.

Here we have briefly discussed how best schools in Ghaziabad are using social media for education. With a myriad of benefits, it’s time to embrace them and use it for the benefit of students and children.