Top 5 schools for Online Learning in Delhi NCR

 The top 5 schools have been a contender in providing quality education to students in the comfort and safety of their digs.

  1. Delhi Public School, RK Puram
    The school focuses on the curriculum of NCERT and CBSE boards. The specific subject teacher creates Google classrooms to provide online resources or learning material. Various manuals circulated by CBSE as a handbook of experiential learning, manuals on integrating artificial intelligence, manuals for teacher for joyful teaching, and many more are being given by CBSE Board and followed by DPS. They focus on familiarizing students with Information technology skills. Students are motivated and kept afresh by virtual enriching sessions and the latest in science and technology. Many valuable virtual sessions regarding Covid-19 are arranged. Many virtual events as samvad club, story writing, Earth Day activities, wetland conservation activity, orientation sessions, and much more keep students engage and enhance their knowledge and skills even when they are physically away from the campus. It is the undisputed chain of the best schools in Delhi/NCR.
  2. Lotus Valley International School, Noida
    The school is well laced with all high-grade leading technology computers for its students. It has a visual learning portal as Educom and eGuru. Ranked as the best school of Noida, the testimonials on online study mode on its website say it all. The lucrative and engaging contents and virtual functions are heartfelt. ERP software for campus care and as a communication tool has been vital in strengthening academics. Ultra HD Dynamic website and the interactive online portal are active for interactions. Audiovisuals and e-learning help in the teaching-learning process. The equipped and distinct infrastructure ensures perfect online studies in this time of isolation by one of these top schools in Ghaziabad.
  3. Apeejay School, Noida
    At Apeejay, their motto is to provide value-added education to torch bearers of tomorrow. It is the best CBSE school in Noida. Computer-aided learning packages are provided to its pupil for a 360-degree approach to the topic of study. 3D multimedia education software is provided to students at the campus for interactive study. Since the children are well aware of the technology application, online classes are not difficult for them. Smartboards and high-tech labs are accessible to students. Intellectual and artistic grooming is emphasized here to make responsible professionals of tomorrow. Various novel teaching methods are employed to make online learning enjoyable.
  4. Pathways School, Noida
    The school has been in pace with ever-emerging technology to create the smarts of tomorrow. It has been a recipient of the award ”Microsoft Showcase School’. This IB board school has very high standards when it comes to updating technologies in their teaching methods. Students have already been habitual of using the software as Bookcreator, Storybird, or Storyweaver. Online classrooms are interactive and engaging by adding features as forums, assignments, grade books, and roll calls. Students are already habitual in operating laptops. Wizwman is a new-age learning tool that ensures the digitized critical learning approach for the IB curriculum. This platform is for assessment, project allocation, online classes, and report card access. The school ranks in the top ten schools in Ghaziabad.
  5. Khaitan World School, Ghaziabad
    Online study mode cannot replace physical classrooms and student-teacher interaction. At Khaitan World School, they are well equipped to create the ambiance of gaining knowledge via their virtual portal. In this one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, several guidelines have been allotted for parents to ensure their full cooperation in this time of crisis. Younger kids do need assistance to use the tools required, while elder lot manages the things. The duration of virtual study is modified so that children have time for offline learning too.

    Real-time conferencing with teachers is best to clear doubts and imbibe the concepts. School guidelines encourage students to follow their regular school routine to feel the school at home. Parents are provided with safety tools as Qustodio, McAfee Total Protection, Norton Family Premier for ensuring safe internet practice. In case of any query, teachers can be reached via email address All the content delivered undergoes strict quality checks. Such schools in Ghaziabad have made online learning easy.