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Khaitan News January’ 2024

Ring in 2024 with KPS’s inaugural bulletin of the year! We’re kicking off with fantastic updates from our academic stars, and our visual and performing arts teams are shining bright on stage and canvas! Plus, get ready to meet our skating sensation gliding into the spotlight. 🛼 But wait, there’s more! KWS joined the excitement with a blockbuster school carnival that gave our students the time of their lives! Stay tuned for a year of triumphs and talents at KPS and KWS.

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Khaitan News December’ 2023

A Year of Triumphs and Talents at Khaitan Public School and Khaitan World School As we close the chapter on 2023, it’s time to reflect on the vibrant journey of our students at Khaitan Public School and Khaitan World School. Spotlight on Sporting Stars – Time to celebrate the achievements of our young sports enthusiasts. Their dedication and prowess have brought glory to our schools, setting new records and inspiring their peers.

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Khaitan News November’2023 Khaitan News: A Blend of Sports, Culture, and Heartwarming Moments!

Attention all sports enthusiasts and cultural mavens! Don’t miss our latest bulletin if you’re eager to uncover the success secrets of young sporting stars. Dive deep into their journeys and get inspired! But that’s not all! Get ready to be swept away by the vibrant hues of ‘Meraki 2023’ – our school’s grand cultural megafest. It’s an extravaganza of talent, creativity, and cultural flair that you surely don’t want to miss.

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Khaitan News October’2023

Festival vibes are in the air, but there’s so much more brewing at KPS & KWS! Our school cricket team has eyes glued to the World Cup, and the buzz for our upcoming mega cultural event is palpable. Get a sneak peek into the backstage hustle! Plus, a shoutout to KWS for their exhilarating STEAM week celebrations. So much to share, so keep an eye out for updates! Catch all these stories and more in the October edition of Khaitan News.

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