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Manit Jain CO-FOUNDER Graduate of Harvard University, Co-Founder of “I Am A Teacher”, and Co-chair of FICCI’s School Education Committee – FICCI Arise. Manit played a key role in shaping The Heritage Schools into premier institutions in India, actively contributing to curriculum refinement, talent sourcing, teacher empowerment, and fostering parent engagement. A compassionate innovator deeply committed to educational excellence, Manit has pioneered the integration of experiential learning within mainstream educational settings.

His vision centers around a holistic learning environment that assesses a child’s understanding and emotional intelligence over mere memorization. Advocating for 21st-century education, Manit emphasizes the importance of equipping children with foundational literacy and numeracy skills, complemented by advanced cognitive abilities like critical thinking, as well as socio-emotional competencies such as empathy, resilience, collaboration, leadership, and effective communication.


Founder, Heritage Group of Schools