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Nurturing & Building Your Inner Confidence

How to develop self-esteem as a student

If you have high self-esteem you will feel much better about yourself. You will be able to elevate yourself higher in your academic studies and most importantly in your life and achieve your goals better and more efficiently. You can concentrate more, give more attention to details and can feel a sense of capability and ease among yourselves.

Ways to upgrade and feel more confident

1. Be with people who make you feel like yourself and positive as well

People who treat you better and make you feel that you can be yourself among them are a blessing. Surround yourself with those friends who motivate you, who boost and foster your mind in a positive direction and also know the people who do not make you feel at ease and learn to be at a distance from them. If you don’t have friends like that in the classroom don’t worry, instead be with people who make you feel that way like your parents, teachers and counsellors. They act as a great self-esteem elevator.

2. Devote yourself to exercise and meditation

You do not want stress at an early age and also not even in your life afterwards. Well here is a tip- Exercise and meditation boost brain chemistry by releasing happy hormones like endorphins which make you feel happy and energetic throughout the day and you will be able to do all your work more systematically and sharply. It also helps in reducing stress and acts as a soother for calming the mind. When you are happy you are more confident, so why not exercise and feel better about your body and yourself?

3. Try to indulge in a learning attitude and learn from your mistakes

Try to be positive and always learn from the mistakes that – what had happened wrong in your exam or homework and practise them daily, also make sure what are your weak points and practise them with the rest of the syllabus which needs to be covered at that time. Lose yourself in this practising exercise for 21 days and soon you will see the results. As it is scientifically said that the 21 days rule of making a habit will make the habit permanent and you will become more at ease in doing this exercise afterwards and gain from the results. Try to learn from other’s mistakes as well – in studies as well as in life in general. This will provide you with lifelong balance and you will have a positive outlook towards life which will help you in raising your self-esteem.

4. Don’t compare and help others

Helping others and becoming more empathetic raises confidence. You will feel like you can be useful in someone else’s life and once you feel that, you will feel like a helping hand and that is the ultimate definition of confidence- to help others without being selfish and be more empathetic. Stop comparing yourself with others as well, as this will help you know that you have your own set of skills and you are made to do your own brand new things in life.

5. Learn new abilities

Learn new abilities like coding, foreign languages or graphic designing and many more. Learning these new skills will make you feel more creative in yourself and will make your mind sharp.

Be yourself

Remember to be yourself and follow these tips to be more confident and you will surprise yourself with how far you have come and how developed and best you have made yourself. We are listed as the top 10 cbse schools in ghaziabad and as at KWS we help your children to develop a positive attitude towards life and not just in studies and become their best selves, we make sure they do not hesitate to share their brand new ideas, we make sure that they feel at ease with everyone and themselves and have a constructive positive approach towards life will make them confident.