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Logic and Creativity while writing

Writing is like a super important way to share ideas and stuff, especially in school. Imagine it’s like a cool adventure for students where they mix logic (making things clear and organised) with creativity (making things fun and interesting). This combo turns boring assignments into awesome stories. Learning how to do both is not just about getting better at writing but also about finding your own special way of expressing things. We, the best schools in Ghaziabad CBSE board, are unlocking students’ superpower of putting thoughts into words, making you a writing superhero in and out of school!

In this blog, there are numerous ways to help improve your creative writing skills and nurture them as ace communicators.

1. Creative Writing : Creative writing is like a fun adventure for you, where you get to express yourself and tell stories. You can start with short sentences, and as you feel more sure of yourself, you can write longer stories. This not only makes you better at using language but also makes you feel more sure of yourself.

Tip: Make stories more fun by adding your own creative touch, like changing parts of fairy tales or stories you really like. This activity helps you be creative as you imagine and share stories that mean a lot to you.

2. Clarity in Communication: Making your writing logical is like drawing a clear map for your ideas so that everyone can easily understand them. It’s like telling a story step by step so that it makes sense. This way, you can share tricky thoughts without making things hard for people who read what you write. It’s like being a good guide for your readers!

Tip: Imagine that your ideas are like a treasure hunt. Logical writing is like leaving clear clues so that others can follow the path and find the treasure without getting lost. It’s a cool way to make sure everyone enjoys the adventure of understanding your thoughts.

3. Opinion-Based Composition with Logical Summaries: This type of writing is like an art where you put together a clear and sensible summary. It’s about sharing your opinions in a way that uses a mix of feelings, thinking carefully, and having a good balance of ideas. You want to make sure your writing makes sense and has a strong point.

Tip: You use a bit of emotion and a lot of thinking, and you make sure your ideas fit well together.  So, when you write persuasively, it’s not just about saying what you think but also explaining why you think that way.


In the world of writing, blending logic and creativity transforms ordinary tasks into extraordinary adventures. As students express yourself through words, the mix of clear logic and creative flair turns dull assignments into captivating stories.

Discover the art of logical and creative writing with our nursery schools in Ghaziabad, which is more than just improving writing skills—it’s a journey to find a unique voice, like unlocking a superpower.

So, dive into creativity, chart logical maps, and express opinions boldly.