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How to Be Calm and Confident in front of an Audience

How to Be Calm and Confident in front of an Audience

Stage fear can be a frightful experience for so many of us. But we need to make sure that we fight this and give our best and prove to ourselves that our inner potential is much more than this fear.

In schools and especially later in life in jobs we have to give numerous presentations so for this we need the right techniques to feel and come as calm and confident in ourselves and in front of everyone.

At KWS which is among the best cbse schools in ghaziabad we inculcate values and tips to students so that it helps them to remain calm and confident during a presentation. Here are these tips and suggestions that can make you feel confident and calm during a presentation

1. Practice in front of the mirror

Practising and preparing your actions in front of the mirror boosts confidence to a humongous level because in front of the mirror, the centre of concentration is you and you only not the audience, you will forget about the audience once you start doing this in front of the mirror as you will focus on how you are going to present yourself or what hand movements you are going to make for yourself to come as confident, how are you going to emphasise on each word and make your presentation look adorable. Practice will gradually make you forget about the audience and you will start concentrating on how you represent yourself in the presentation and how you think about it. As it is said: who cares what others think? So practice will gradually make you forget these things.

2. Before practising imagine being applauded

It’s really important to see yourself in a positive light, hence the practice of visualisation comes off as a great help for many creative artists like actors, dancers, painters and many more. We often think about how come they are so successful but we do not think about what technique they might be doing, they always practise positive self-talk and some of them amplify themselves by imagining that the audience is applauding them. Doesn’t matter if the audience will applaud you or not but imagining this will give you a solid boost for the future and it will make you see yourself in a positive radiance.

3. Making a connection with the audience

Connect with the audience in a way that you are telling them a story and think of yourselves as teachers like how they will explain the students and also think of yourselves as a storyteller. This will make you feel at ease with what you have to explain and help you connect with the audience in a way that you are doing a presentation for a cause or motive to make them understand what the presentation is all about.

4. Don’t compare and help others

Helping others and becoming more empathetic raises confidence. You will feel like you can be useful in someone else’s life and once you feel that, you will feel like a helping hand and that is the ultimate definition of confidence- to help others without being selfish and be more empathetic. Stop comparing yourself with others as well, as this will help you know that you have your own set of skills and you are made to do your own brand new things in life.

5. Deep breathing

Smile during the presentation which will help relax the mind and thus you will feel at more ease. Also, before the presentation do a few deep breaths that will quieten the mind from unwanted negative thoughts for some time and you will experience more confidence and calmness.


Children need to learn these techniques as it will help them today and also in future. At KWS which is listed among the top 5 schools in ghaziabad we make sure and concentrate on each child and ensure that they become confident personalities by helping them and making them learn at their pace individually as well as make them learn to be at swiftness with the class as well so that they become an optimistic individual.