Tech Zone

Our technology related learning philosophy: create more than you consume. We don’t just teach; we immerse students in a world where technology syncs with daily life, offering a rich tapestry of subjects from AI to App Development. In an era where smart machines redefine our lifestyle, Tech Zone stands at the forefront, integrating AI into the heart of our curriculum.

In our curriculum, we emphasize the significance of technology in our lives, recognizing its impact on daily activities. Subjects such as AI, Animation, Graphics, Coding & Decoding, Robotics, Audio Editing, and App development are not just taught; they are woven into our framework to prepare students for the future.

Why is this Important?

  1. Future Crafted Today Our curriculum isn't just about understanding the present; it's about architecting the future. With an eye on the horizons of technology, we ensure our students emerge as pioneers of innovation.
  2. Inventiveness Unleashed In our studios, animation and app development aren't subjects; they are portals to worlds of endless creativity, where every idea holds the promise of a new discovery.
  3. Critical Thinking Our approach to coding and robotics sharpens young minds, forging a path through the complexities of logic to the clarity of solution-oriented thinking.
  4. Digital Mastery In a world fluent in technology, our students are the linguists; articulate in the languages of AI and audio editing, they are prepared to converse with the future.
  5. Interdisciplinary Learning Here, technology harmonizes with diverse disciplines, creating a symphony of knowledge that resonates with the rhythm of integrated learning.
  6. Career Focussed Proficiency in AI, coding, and other skills opens up diverse career paths, empowering students to pursue opportunities in the professional world.


In the AI Studio, we facilitate a journey of discovery where students engage deeply with the field of artificial intelligence. They are trained to conceive and craft intelligent solutions that are capable of reasoning, learning, and evolving. The studio is a crucible for innovation, where students probe the depths of AI, forging intelligent applications to extend human abilities.

Curriculum Focus & Learning Objectives:

  • Acquire a solid understanding of AI basics and how they apply to everyday scenarios.
  • Cultivate foundational programming abilities, with Python as the primary tool.
  • Interpret and analyze elementary data sets to unveil trends and gain insights.

We aim to inspire our students to be the architects of the future, using AI to forge a better world. They will leave the studio with the ability to devise and execute straightforward AI-driven applications, showcasing their grasp of the technology that is integral to our everyday lives.