Primary school years, age 5 to 10 years are the second most important years for learning for children after pre-primary. Life in KWS Primary, focuses on development of higher order skill set and strengthening the foundation for further learning to take place. The curriculum in the primary years focuses on providing learners with opportunities to explore, experience and inquire to build skills and construct their own knowledge base in various domain areas like literacy, numeracy, technology, creative arts, sports and physical education, social emotional development and inculcate a strong value system.

Our educators make sure that the learners engage in inquiry based, relevant, challenging, and enjoyable learning experiences in a stimulating environment to master the various skills and build an understanding of the world around.


Literacy program focuses on developing children’s ability to understand and use language to interact effectively with the world around them, to express themselves creatively and to communicate confidently. Language and Literacy are prerequisites for thinking, learning and interacting. Through specifically structured activities focused on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills enable them to develop their aural and visual memory and use these skills to consolidate ideas and concepts across all areas of the curriculum.

The world around us

The purpose of this domain is to help children explore concepts of sciences and social sciences and build their own understanding about the world around us. Children express and share their thoughts and ideas, engage in experiential and inquiry based learning routines to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world, become aware of themselves and their place in the world, as well as of other places, cultures and the world at large.


Numeracy involves children in different mathematical learning processes like exploring and investigating, doing and observing, talking and listening, questioning and reflecting, reading and recording. This life skill and is applied to carry out many daily tasks like plan time, handling money, managing budgets and organizing homes.

Creative Arts & Technology

Creative arts technology at primary provide rich opportunities for developing creativity digital literacy, allowing children to create and express their ideas, feelings and interpretations of the world in diverse ways, through visuals, sound, drama, dance and advanced digital platforms. The holistically designed creative arts and technology curriculum help children unravel their individuality, imagination and creativity and develop their artistic, musical, kinesthetic abilities along with digital literacy and fine tune their verbal and non-verbal expression and ICT skills.

Physical Education and Sports

Physical education at primary focuses on helping children understand the importance of physical activity and the relationship between physical activity and a healthy body and mind. Through a robust Physical Education curriculum, children develop fundamental movement skills like body management, coordination, locomotion and manipulation along with personal qualities and attitudes like self-confidence, self-esteem responsibility, fairness, working with others and leadership.

Social Emotional Ethical Learning

The SEE Learning program focuses on children’s emotional, and moral development and help them become personally, emotionally, socially effective, to lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives. Through the SEE Learning curriculum children engage in well thought out mindful activities to slowly become aware of their own emotions, attitudes and moral values in order to manage them well. Gain insights into society, cultures, environment, and understand our interdependence and eventually use these insights to manage relationships, family and work life, the local and global community and the environment.

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